The Price of Comfort

We love growth. Every week, month, quarter we crunch numbers jerseys and cheap jerseys analyze data and set stretch goals. We plan to grow our customer base, grow our audience, grow our revenue.

Growth reminds us that life isn’t stagnant – we’re constantly improving.

The funny thing about growth is that it begins with taking a risk. That means wholesale mlb jerseys walking into unfamiliar territory, encountering new challenges, making mistakes, and maybe doing something that terrifies you.

Those thoughts could nfl paralyze us into inaction. Wrap ourselves in a warm blanket and not venture outside. Stay safe from scrutiny and other dangers.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. cheap jerseys –Anaïs Nin

Then The you realize: the price of comfort is the potential for living.

I’m growing today because I’m launching my marketing blog. (If you like it so far, please subscribe.) It’s easier wholesale nfl jerseys to write for clients than for yourself. You can look at companies with an objective eye. When you’re writing as yourself for your own brand, you’re inside your head Recital all the time. Time to shrug that off and share my thoughts with wholesale mlb jerseys you.

What are you going to do to grow today?

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8 Responses to The Price of Comfort
  1. Anthony Pensabene Reply

    i like what you’ve done with the place.. ohhh hardwood floors! 🙂

    Agreed, terrified to inaction is a very real gear one could slip into.

    wish i could identify what exactly makes me shift out of my shell at times, but it came easier as i got a bit older (rubs on joint pain ointment).

    i’ve been doing more video and can be shy in real life but definitely can’t have that be an option on film. it’s forcing me to be more outgoing internally as well as interact on a deeper, social level with others. i need to get my video blossom on.

    • Lauren Reply

      Thanks for stopping by, Anthony! Please, help yourself to a drink. I’ve got some wine in the fridge and an assortment of loose-leaf Japanese green teas to brew.

      The “coming out of your shell” thing is weird. That wasn’t a problem for me when I just started college. I was very confident and took lots of risks for several years. Then as I got bumps and bruises (and sometimes broken bones), I shied away. I began second-guessing myself constantly.

      Now the pendulum is swinging back to the confidence of those earlier college years – only just a little wiser and a lot more pragmatic. Heart on fire, head on ice.

      Yes, more video from you please! I think that would be well received. It was great to watch you on Max Impact the other week. YOU’RE REAL!

      (Super awkward side note: I just linked to Max’s blog and realized that I accidentally picked the same site theme as he did. I even used orange like he did. Total coincidence. Gah, this is like two high school girls wearing the same dress to prom or something.)

  2. Gaz Copeland Reply

    Congrats on your first post 🙂

  3. Beth Reply

    Good question! I’m working on recharging because I tend to overextended, but doing lots of reading and pondering future direction. Love that Anais Non quote!

  4. Marja Reply

    I completely understand the trouble of being inside your own head when you write about your own brand. I know it keeps me from hitting the publish button (or from even writing a word down) more often than not. The growing pains are uncomfortable, but I’m hoping practice will make it easier.

    Congrats on launching your blog – I’m looking forward to all your great posts! I know I’ll be coming back to re-read this one as inspiration when I’m feeling a little stuck.

    • Lauren Hall-Stigerts Reply

      Thanks for your support, Marja! Jon mentioned that you guys were discussing this post on the way to breakfast the other morning. That was, like, the best compliment I could’ve received on my first post. 🙂

      You’re doing amazing! Your blog launch inspired me to get rolling on mine. I love how you get creative with your content strategy – so many possibilities out there for you.

  5. Stan Faryna Reply

    Growing is kinda crazy. Because growth isn’t always moving forward, up, or wonderful. Nor immediately rewarding.

    It often comes like a mixed blessing.

    None of which can prevent us from doing amazing things!

    • Lauren Hall-Stigerts Reply

      So true, Stan! Sometimes it feels like “one step forward, two steps back” – but, really, it’s inverted in the long run. You kind of have to take those two steps back to progress further down the road.

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